In case you’re a dog owner, then you surely love to take your dog for local walks most of the time. However, there will be moments when you might decide to go on a short trip and you have to take your dog with you, in your car. Whatever might be the case, dogs tend to be more demanding than regular passengers because they constantly need your attention. 

Not being able to handle your dog properly inside your car, during a driving trip, can easily end up causing a gruesome accident and you might have to end up scrapping your car. Unless you want that to happen, we suggest the following tips & tricks that you should take care of when taking your dog on car journeys.

The Rules To Follow When Taking Your Dog Out On Car Journeys

  1. Ensure That Your Dog Is Restrained

According to a professional car removal company for scrap cars, the number one rule that you need to follow when taking your dog on your car journeys is to make sure that your dog is restrained all the time. Always use a quality harness or even a crate, and keep your dog away from the driving seat as much as possible, so that your driving operations don’t get hampered. In case you’re not sure which harness or crate to use, you can always consult your veterinary doctor for suggestions.

Moreover, if you’re keeping your dog restrained on your front passenger seat, be sure to turn off the airbag for that seat because the force at which airbags explode during an accident can easily do more harm than good for your dog. 

  1. Ensure That You Have The Essential Supplies For Your Dog

It’s always a good idea to obtain enough food & water for your dog when going on car journeys. This is because cars can get hot while driving on the road, which means there is a major chance that your dog might get dehydrated over time. So, don’t forget to take a water & food bowl, so that it becomes easier for you to feed your dog in the middle of the long trip. 

However, do keep in perspective that allowing your dog to eat too much food can prove to be a nuisance because excessive food can upset their stomach fast, leading to unpleasant scenarios. Thus, try to keep your feeding schedule under control. 

  1. Ensure That You Have Your Dog’s Favourite Toy

If your dog has a favourite toy, then it would be a good idea to take it with you. The toy will keep your dog relaxed and calm throughout the entire journey, while you can focus on the driving part.

For any additional suggestions, don’t hesitate to connect with us at any time. 

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