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Longtime Holly council members honored for years of service

Written by Amy Mayhew   
Wednesday, November 21 2012

Council declared Nov. 20 Donal...

HOLLY, Michigan – For newly elected officials coming onto Holly’s village council, last night’s meeting marked the beginning of a career in local politics. But for longtime council members, Don Winglemire, Pauline Kenner, and Village President, Jeff Miller, it marked the end of an era – nearly fifty years of combined service to the community.

“Tonight you’re going to be watching another chapter of the passing of power, or responsibility, of position – peacefully to new people,” Miller began. “If I have tears in all of this, it’s not because I’m leaving, but because of the fact that we can come and go.”

Miller first honored Winglemire with a plaque, summarizing his life and the positive impact he has had on the Holly community through his family business, raising his family here, being a part of the Holly VFW Post 5587, and serving for 26 years as the village’s President Pro Tem.

In recognition of his service, Miller officially declared Nov. 20 “Donald R. Winglemire Day,” a day of dedication and commitment to public service and fellow man, and a day which will act as a model for citizens of Holly to follow each and every day.

A standing ovation was followed by an impromptu group sing-along of “Happy Birthday,” after council member Jackie Campbell announced that Winglemire was also celebrating his 86th birthday.

“I’d like to thank the individual who coerced me into coming onto council some 26 years ago and that was (former Village President) Ardath Regan,” Winglemire said.  “To all the people – I’m sure you know that times goes fast and there are things you wish you had done and didn’t do, so please take the time to do them and remember, that hindsight is always 100 percent – have a good time and enjoy your life to the fullest.”

Miller next recognized Kenner for her 16 years of service spent on Holly’s Village Council.

Pauline Kenner was honored for...

“It’s been a pleasure being on council for so many years,” Kenner said. “Don (Winglemire) took me under his wing when I first came on and he helped me through the years.” Kenner praised those who work in the village – village office staffers, members of the Department of Public Works, and members of Holly’s police department and dispatch center, thanking them for making Holly a safe place to live. “I thank you, and I thank my family for being here tonight,” she said.

Before Miller had the chance to vacate council’s center seat, President-elect Jason Hughes presented him with a plaque for his additional two years of service on council.

“This came as a shock to him tonight because he put in a request not to have any presentation made to him, but we don’t often listen to him, anyway,” Hughes quipped before handing Miller the award.

Jason Hughes presents a plaque...

“It’s been an interesting two years – we worked together, sometimes fussing along the way, but the people’s business got done,” Miller said. “Thank God for freedom of speech, thank god for the fact that things turn over and life goes on.”


#1 losaltguy 2012-11-28 20:40

Congratulations on your long commitment to serving the community. Your expertise and sound thinking will be missed. Thanks for all you have done over the years.

Best wishes. Mark Cornwell
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