Thursday, April 17th 2014

Christmas card contest winners announced

Written by Amy Mayhew   
Wednesday, November 16 2011

Sydney Scanlon, Elizabeth Padg...

HOLLY, Michigan – Just in time for the Dickens Festival and all of the other holiday-related activities in downtown Holly, the Northwest Oakland County Right To Life organization announced its winners for this year’s Christmas Card Contest.

Asked to create Christmas cards with illustrations and verse, the top winners are Sydney Scanlon and Elizabeth Padgett.  For their trouble, Sydney and Elizabeth both received a high tech “light up” computer mouse courtesy of  A Simpler Time Antiques,  103 S. Saginaw St., Holly.  Additionally, the top winners each received a gift certificate from Dairy Queen of Holly, and a check for $25.

Each winner recieved a high te...

Three other contest participants, Rachel Decker, Rebekah Padgett, and Marissa Nickels were also recognized for their good work, each receiving the computer mouse from A Simpler Time Antiques and the Dairy Queen gift certificate.

The winning cards have been printed and are being sold in several downtown Holly stores including A Simpler Time Antiques. All proceeds go to support the efforts of Northwest Oakland County Right A to Life.

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