Long drives are exciting. You get to enjoy so much and there’s obviously a lot to explore. But suddenly this perfect outing can turn into a nightmare. To avoid this, before you start the journey, get to know the condition of your car inside out.

 Things to check before going for a long drive

Now that you’re heading for an exciting journey, visit the mechanic immediately and take care of the following checklist:

  • Tyre pressure — Never ever start a car without checking its tyre pressure. Because flat tyres are one of the most common problems you face while you’re on a drive and this can lead to disastrous accidents too.
  • Wheel Alignment — Proper wheel alignment ensures that your steering works well and your car runs perfectly. And if there’s even a small mistake here, you can face a severe accident during the drive. Ensure a proper wheel alignment in Auckland via Best New Tyre before you head for the drive. As they are the experts in this task, they ensure that your wheels are properly aligned and don’t show issues while you’re on the drive.
  • Oil level — The proper level of oil in your engine ensures that none of the parts in your car face friction or vibration during the drive. Since the journey is going to belong, ensure that you are getting it filled up without fail for a seamless drive.
  • Lights of the car — Long drives often means hitting the highways. And driving on such roads without a properly working headlight and taillight can be really serious and dangerous. Ensure that you are checking the lights before you start the vehicle.
  • Engine coolant — A heated engine is another very common problem that often is seen during long drives. And if you don’t want to face such a problem, then make sure that your engine coolant is changed and is in ample quantity in the car; because even the lack of it or any particles in this coolant may lead to your engine getting heated very soon.
  • Brake oil —A properly working brake is also an essential thing that you have to keep in mind and check before you start for the drive. And if the oil level in the brake is not proper, then it leads to lots of issues in your car. So, before you start for the journey, see to it that the brake oil is optimum and that the brakes work fine.
  • Test drives the car — A test drive should not only be taken when you are buying a new car. But it has to be done even when you are starting a new journey. So, before you start heading towards the road, we suggest you drive your car in the vicinity for a few minutes and check if everything works fine. Only after you are satisfied that everything is okay, go on for a long drive.

Well, after you have checked all these essential pointers, remember to clean your car thoroughly. Next, even see to it that you have a first-aid box, the important papers related to the car inside the vehicle, the air freshener, and the music system along with the rear mirror work fine. With all these essential pointers checked you are ready to drive for an exciting journey.

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