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Oakland County snuffs Holly recall effort
Written by Amy Mayhew   
Thursday, April 17 2014

Shirley Campbell

HOLLY, Michigan - Efforts to recall four Holly Village Council members failed Wednesday after members of Oakland County’s Election Commission disallowed all four recall petitions.

While former Village Councilwoman Shirley Campbell’s name along with her attorney, Tom Ryan was on the recall petitions, Campbell filed recall petitions on behalf of the group with Oakland County on April 1. The petitions aimed to recall Village President Ryan Bladzik, and council members, George Kullis, Debra Musgrave, and Chris Rankin for their roles in approving the June 11, 2013 motion to disband the village’s police dispatch center and sell most of the remaining equipment to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department for $20,000.

HAS sinking fund may be added to August ballot
Written by Amy Mayhew   
Wednesday, April 16 2014

Steve Lenar

HOLLY, Michigan - Holly’s Board of Education may be asking voters to reconsider passing a sinking fund millage this August as the district looks at more than $6.2 million in needed repairs, maintenance and upgrades to its seven buildings.

In August of 2012, voters were asked to pass a 10-year sinking fund that would levy 1.2 mills per annum, or just under $1 million per year to be used to subsidize HAS facility repairs and maintenance. Passage would have allowed the district to use what money it would normally spend on building and facility maintenance on a wide variety of programs and classes for students instead. Voters rejected the proposal.

On April 14, HAS Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services, Steve Lenar presented board members with tentative list of maintenance issues to be addressed for each of the district’s seven buildings. On Lenar’s list were items like parking lot pavement and lighting upgrades, roofing replacements, window replacements, playground equipment updates, updates to the direct digital controls (DDT) for heating systems, repairs to the high school pool and football field, and others.  Lenar said a roofing study done in 2006 identified several areas for repair throughout the district, and said that upgrades should have been made within 3-5 years. “That was a 2006 report and we haven’t done any of them,” Lenar said.

Fire officials call E. Maple St. fire 'accidental'
Written by Amy Mayhew   
Wednesday, March 26 2014

A Red Cross worker consoles a ...

HOLLY, Michigan – Fire investigators from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office are calling last month’s residential fire on E. Maple Street accidental in nature, and confirmed that the fire originated in the basement.

Converted into seven apartment units, the historical home became engulfed in flames on Feb. 23, and was later deemed to be a complete loss. While no one was injured or killed in the blaze, all seven families suffered tremendous loss, with several families having lost absolutely everything.

Citizen group pushes to recall four Holly council members
Written by Amy Mayhew   
Tuesday, April 01 2014

Village President Ryan Bladzik

HOLLY, Michigan – Four Holly council members could be up for recall in November should Oakland County’s Board of Election Commissioners find the petitions submitted by a concerned group of Holly citizens to be valid.

Represented by attorney, Tom Ryan, a group of Holly citizens is pushing to recall President Ryan Bladzik, and council members, Chris Rankin, George Kullis and Debra Musgrave for their roles in approving the June 11, 2013 motion to disband the village’s police dispatch center and sell most of the remaining equipment to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office for $20,000.

While the petitions were officially signed on Tuesday at the Oakland County Clerk’s office in Pontiac, members of the citizens’ group wish to remain anonymous until the Board of Election Commissioners discusses the matter later this month.

Holly council considers Charter amendment recommendations
Written by Amy Mayhew   
Wednesday, March 26 2014

Councilman Chris Rankin

HOLLY, Michigan – Council members will have until May 13 to consider amending five sections of the Holly Charter, per the recommendations of the Charter and Ordinance Review Committee.

Charter and Ordinance Review Committee Chairman, Chris Rankin explained the committee’s recommendation during the March 25 Holly Village Council meeting.

Of the five proposed amendments, Rankin said the first would amend Section 4.1 to lower the eligibility age of council members from the current 21-year age requirement to 18.  Additionally, Rankin said the committee recommended striking section 5.3 which requires that the village hold a regular March election, as well as section 6.4 which requires the village to establish a health officer.


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